Hey everyone! I’m Jessica, 23 years old from Vancouver and I’ve been at the Crisis Centre for about 3 years now. I graduated from psychology, and I am currently in UBC’s Education program to become an elementary school teacher.

I love to read and draw, and when school isn’t keeping me indoors, I like to go out. I shop (it’s a form of exercise, especially when one goes at the pace I go at), mountain climb, and bike in the outside world. I love food of all sorts, except eggplant and papaya. Besides English, I speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, and a little bit of French and Japanese. I have a quirky sense of humour that people usually appreciate. =P

The Vancouver Crisis Centre is one of my favourite places to be because I enjoy working with people who share the same passion as me. There were times when I felt like I’ve made a difference, but there were also times when things were really rough for the person I was talking to, and all I could do was be there for them to remind them that someone out there cares. These are all invaluable experiences that I think played a big part in who I have become. It’s a relationship that is interrelated, really. I believe that we would all change a little after each conversation, and hopefully towards a positive direction.

We’re here for you if you want to chat.