Drugs, Alcohol & Addictions

People use drugs and alcohol for a bunch of different reasons. Some people try using drugs and alcohol because they’re curious… Others do it because a friend offered them some…. For some people, getting high or drunk will be fun and they may not feel any lasting effects… Sometimes drugs and alcohol are easily accessible so people don’t think twice about using and do it just because they can.

Drugs and alcohol can be tried once, used regularly or binged until they can’t consume any more. Depending on the drug, the effects can be quite different once you start to use regularly.

That said, it’s possible to know the risks you face by using and misusing drugs & alcohol even before you start, and reading up on why you might not want to use may help you to stick to it.

If you feel concerned about your own substance use, or a friends behaviour/actions/attitudes towards drugs, check out our resource section (on the top of the right sidebar!) for helpful links.