Grief describes the way our body reacts physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally to loss.

First rule: Grief is different for everyone, there is no grief “formula”

What is a loss?

When we talk about loss, we mean parting with something of value to us or being deprived of something that has value to us. We can experience loss through the death of someone close to us; by having health issues; having parents go through a divorce or separation, losing a pet; having to move to a new city or school; relationships ending; not making the cut to be on a team? and many others

When something is meaningful to us, it’s individual; What’s important to me might not be important to you. One thing we share, though, is that loss can be the most difficult, life-altering and gut-wrenching thing we’ll have to go through.

So what’s it like to go through grief?

– Going through grief can sometimes be seen expressed outwardly or can be kept inside and not openly shared, so you might cry every day or look and feel emotionless and stony.

– Everyone grieves at their own pace. Sometimes we might not grieve right away, other times we go through grief at the time of a loss and through years to come.

– It can come with many different emotions: anger, sadness, fear, hopelessness, numbness, anxiety, confusion, emptiness and exhaustion

– Experiencing a loss and grieving can be a lonely experience for some. It might seem like nobody understands, or cares as much as you do.

– It might seem that people are hovering around you, trying to make sure you’re alright and this makes you feel suffocated and like you want to be alone… It’s okay to take some time to yourself, just like it’s okay to want to reach out to others.

– Sometimes it helps to do something to honour the person or thing you’ve lost to help get through your loss.


Most of all, just remember that whatever form your grief has presented itself, it’s ok… You have every right to grieve your loss in whatever way works best for you. If you’ve experienced a loss and want to get some support through it, chat with one of our volunteers, email us or see our resource list for places to get help.