“My exam is tomorrow, I haven’t studied yet and I’m so stressed out.”

“My bills are all overdue and I don’t get paid for a week; I’m stressed!”

Sound familiar?

Stress can occur when a person faces a challenging situation and thinks they may not be able to overcome it. A person’s reaction is grounded in their how they look at the situation. What might cause stress for one person may be motivational for another (e.g. public speaking, exams, etc). Everyone’s response to stressful situations varies depending on the experience in dealing with and timing of a certain event or situation.

Stress is a normal reaction and a part of life. When we have a large number of stressful events in our lives (good or bad), we can become overwhelmed, and these feelings can create problems. It is also important to recognize that no one is in control of all the aspects of their lives that can create stress.


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